Kimbos is Stepping up it's game!

To start off with something interesting is most important.

I have been incredibly busy ordering all of the parts and pieces needed for my new KIMBOS inventory. My 24-year-old daughter has been with me through this process so that she can see and learn what it takes to have a business of her own one day soon. As she is looking over my orders, I hear a large gasp...she says, mom! And of course, I say WHAT! Why are you ordering from Fascinations she asks and what in the world do you need that much velcro for?!! Was I not supposed to see this? she says waiting on my response, with her brain swirling...I took a look at what she was referring to and laughed, I let her know, it wasn't Fascinations it was FASTONATION! KIMBOS need Velcro! We all had a good chuckle and I let her know my order did come with a brass pole for my room though. LOL

Besides the new beautiful color selections, we have tweaked a couple of details and created KIMBOS leggings, as well as KIMBOS climbing pants. I must say, the climbing pants are absolutely revolutionary. If you have ever had a swiss-seat on, you know what an exhausting process it is for a potty break while climbing indoor rock walls or on the side of a mountain, outdoors. This problem is now solved for all of you rock-jocks out there! There is also a new wrap-skirt for the Kimbos shorts, it's simple and super cute! I compiled the votes from my FACEBOOK followers that chose the most liked fabric designs and those designs will be offered for the wrap-skirt.

This has been a very interesting evolution for KIMBOS. I have been coasting along, knowing that I have an excellent, helpful product for the masses, but the masses were afraid to evolve. I pride myself on being a fearless, "cold caller" and hit up all of the outdoor gear and hiking businesses surrounding the Grand Canyon. I wanted to see if there was any interest in Kimbos and I got reeeeeejected over and over again. Most of the comments I received were towards the attitude that; if people couldn't be comfortable being half-naked to pee, (in front of other strangers hiking with them) they shouldn't be out here! I let them all know, we can do better. Give people confidence, take away the awkwardness, keep them safe!

Not one business has picked up an order of KIMBOS. (I'm taking any ideas on this conundrum, please)