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Getting Men to Think Kimbo's are Important

Kimbo's are a unisex garment. The Quick Skirt is of course aimed at the feminine perspective, but there are no rules anymore, no one person, theirs, them, they, are excluded from anything Kimbo's produces.

My challenge is with the male perspective. How do I get the husbands, dads, brothers, sons, to really believe that Kimbo's are garments that are the important and a crucial direction to lean into. Here is a tough line to put out there, but I'm putting it out there: just because someone is comfortable in their actions, does not mean everyone around them is comfortable watching.

One of my toughest cold-calling experiences was when calling businesses around the Grand Canyon, it has been in my thoughts for years...a gentleman on the phone responded to me so aggressively, "If people can't get half-naked to relieve themselves out here, they shouldn't be here!" All I heard was, females should be comfortable and obligated to undress in front of strangers. Clinging to that type of stone-age thinking, this person was sure he was right and hung up on me. I am sickened with the thought that people think we need to continue on with outdated routines of the past. How is it, that in this time we live, "Do not evolve" could be a bumper sticker?

Kimbo's don't exist because I need to comfort the fragile people who are "iffy" to relieve themselves in populated areas, Kimbo's exist to EMPOWER any individual who needs that safety and a confident initiative to carry out a bodily function in the most acceptable way.

Beyond being a patient in physical therapy or having to recover from a shoulder or hand injury, I needed Kimbo's when I was in the military training with only men. I needed Kimbo's while growing up camping with my brothers and no outhouses, hiking with other people on the path, fishing when the can in the middle of the boat wasn't going to do it for me, jogging and golfing, when I can't make it to the 9th hole restroom. Kimbo's exist for festivals the concerts and large public gatherings with not enough porta-potties available. Kimbo's exist for the person who takes a long road trip and can't make it 62 more miles to a rest-stop and doesn't need oncoming traffic staring at their 13-year-old daughter who needs that potty-break. I would appreciate the male perspective realizing that Kimbo's keep their family safer, better off and able to experience the world out there with a lot less drama and fear. Get on board! Men need Kimbo's too, believe me, everyone needs Kimbo's!

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