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The “Kimbo’s” idea has come from a lifetime of needing them.  I am 49 years old and I would like to have had a pair of these since I was a very little girl on my first camping trip, road trip and hike in the Colorado Mountains.  I was the first girl after 4 older brothers.  I don’t think my mom liked the idea of treating me different than the boys, I wore their hand me downs, ran with them, and wasn’t sure what the difference was until we had to pee outdoors during a hike.  These shorts, as an undergarment are an absolute necessity.  All the men have to do is unzip a fly, women have to get undressed from the waist down.  A little girl feels icky about it, and as a young woman in the military, I felt sick about it.  There are 100 reasons and needs for men and women to possess a pair of these shorts.

Remember the book, “Everybody Poops”?  Well, they do.  We pee and poo everywhere we need to, it’s just a fact.  This long extended crotch opening operated by a pull cord attached to the nylon coil zipper is just an essential to the well being and dignity of any person who needs to relieve themselves in an outdoor environment that does not possess outdoor facilities.  Why be naked?

It has taken me almost 2 years to realize taking the idea to an invention company that helps you, is a completely terrible idea.  They take all of your money, don’t produce exactly what you want, tell you fantasies about someone buying it, all the while raking you for more and more cash along the way.  They will have zero sense of urgency and forget all about you when you don’t keep sending them money.  “Davison” was my financial rapist, don’t do it.  What Davison did do for me was make me so furious with their lack of “everything!”, that I started studying, reading, talking to attorneys, learning about inventions and how to patent them.  I had already taken such a dent out of my husbands retirement fund I was driven to write my own patent.  Attorneys will like to write you a patent for about $4000.  Don’t be lazy!  We have so many resources to educate and guide us, get your hustle on, you can write your own!

I wrote my own patent, followed every last detail and got through the initial patent process.  I now sit in the Patent Pending category.  This status brings me to you.  I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t need this undergarment at one time or another.  Check it out, give me your comments, and I’ll be listening.  I had a gal the other day who told me she bought a pair because she just didn’t like sitting on public toilet lids and not many have the tissue covers.  What ever your reasoning, you need these!

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