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Meditation as a Modern Life Necessity

I don't need to sell you on meditation. There are plenty of yoga classes and Monks in monasteries, people in martial art classes, and those that love prayer time. Heck, give me some time for a bath and a bath bomb and I'm all set. But there I was, seriously, there I was, just going about my day-to-day business, day after day, week, month, year and I really had no idea I could change my emotional health and the quality of my life by taking time to meditate each day.

I did not take a class, I didn't drive anywhere, meet up with anyone or start with the brochure. In fact, my kids came to me and asked how I was doing. (Inside my head I got worried, am I bleeding out of my ear? Have I not combed my hair today?) Did I feel like my life was the best I could make it? Their interrogation skills were adept, I had no idea that they could lead me to one of the best realizations of needed change that has actually been needed for quite some time. Apparently, my patience could be of more use, my communication skills need to leave the drill sergeant method of speaking behind and I need to start sitting back in my chair when I eat, start breathing in and out, and be present. This being present thing, that would mean I can't continue to think about what I need to get done next, what is tomorrow aaaaand did I take care of yesterdays list! Just be present and speak with thoughtfulness and love. (Inside I thought people have time for this? Is this a fix it and I'm good, thing?)

They very caringly sat down and explained what meditation has done for them and how they value it so greatly. How have I not known this? How has something so valuable escaped my educated self? Ohhhh gosh, what have they been putting up with from me that they felt a meditation intervention had to occur?

My children are now grownups, everyone is healthy, my husband is fantastic, apparently, I have been overdue for a life upgrade. I felt like At&t was asking for their flip phone back! I needed to move forward. I am just starting to learn self-love, self-forgiveness and finding my soft voice. I have buried myself in the role of motherhood, working, taking care of a home, well, I could list 87 more things I thought were more important than starting to get to know myself but you also would be getting annoyed as you nodded your head while you checked off all of the 87 items on your list you do that you see as your own complete identity. It is a CRISIS!!

I am a newcomer to the meditation world. I love the app channels I can get on my ROKU television. There are nature channels, nature sound channels, (which I love falling asleep to the thunder and rain), and on the meditation channels, which there are a few to choose from, they also have a meditation for sleep, money worries, compassion, and the list goes on and on. While I am still learning, which I feel may never end, there is always more to know and practice, I love listening to the soft voices talk me through sitting in a comfortable position, posture, and my breath coming in and going out. I love how the compassion meditation talks me through dealing with a difficult person, and I end up feeling relief and refreshed and love myself a little bit more after having worked that emotional deficit through to a higher level. There are apps on my phone I can install and use in any location.

Meditation has changed my life on every level and I function better on every level because of it. Don't wait to start. Don't think you are silly in any way. It's about you. You are so very important.

Meditation will give you what you ask of it and it will give you new tools for the new person you will surprisingly become. If you take that as your prayer time, even more amazing!

Lately, my list of 87 things is more like a list of 10. I speak with intention of being edifying and being interested. I respond without a preconceived emotion, I now talk to my husband and family not at them. I sleep well, I feel good! But something new and something I wasn't sure I was ever worthy of...I'm liking myself.

My oldest daughter Micheelie & I out for a walk.

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