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New Frontier

I have to think by this time that I am a bit of an adventurer.  Trying to market a product without the massive dollars it takes to get into all the great magazines, Hot websites, infomercials and local papers. It is a bit of a reach for a self-starter with no connections.  So is it possible?..I ask myself…can no one create something out of nothing?  I cold-call all day and it may take a half dozen calls just to get to the person who might know who I may speak to.  I tried “old school”, where you actually show up at a business that needs my product and they were put off by the idea that I walked in without an appointment.  How is it that face to face contact and shaking of a hand has no place and that there is nothing personal about such a personal product? Ok, how do I get lucky? How do I get my break?  Shark Tank?  I’ll wait for my patent to finalize before I conquer that arena.

One great effort.  My daughter and I packed up the car, crossed all of our fingers and said a prayer for us to have guidance, luck and safety as we headed to Northern Minnesota from Mesa, Arizona to get these Kimbos talked about.  We arrived at Lake Winnebegosh to see our first fishing tournament.  Tons of boats on the water and a sturdy female presence competing.  Meaning, women can now wear Kimbos to not be half naked in a boat with men or in view of nearby competitors while peeing.  We stopped at sporting goods stores that were popular in the area and met people along the way that picked up what we were putting down.  Physical Therapy clinics by hospitals were our most excited people to present to.  The injured, the handicapped, the rehab patients, there were so many cases that Kimbos could give a better quality of life towards.

I have put a great effort towards getting into VA’s to assist our recovering soldiers.  I can’t even get an appointment to talk to anyone about seeing anyone. Social Media has been hit hard by Kimbos from Military pages to Occupational therapy to Orthopedic pages to hiking, running and walking groups.  So it is true, I need $10K to get into “Runners World” for a little back pages square, I need $3K to get a little square on a hiker’s website, I also need $3K to get into a trade show table for the military products, but that is in Prague, so the table would be my cheapest purchase.  I even read all of the articles to LINKEDIN, where the writers give you tips to marketing your product.  All empty, but I won’t give up.

My daughter and I had some amazing experiences, conversations and presentations.  We drove about 65 hours from the top of our country back down to the bottom.  We were fed, housed and encouraged along the way by the best and most inspiring of souls.  If I never sold another pair of Kimbos I would count myself grateful for that spiritual trek in itself. But I won’t give up.

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