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To Thine Own Self Be True

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Hello, hello and welcome back! Reflecting on my last couple of posts, I see that more people are interested in a self-love topic versus a meditative topic, which this soon, on that meditation, may have been a lot to digest. Starting out easy is always the best route as we begin to get to know ourselves on a new and intentional level of internal existence.

I was speaking with a friend the other day about paying more attention to ourselves and expanding our awareness. To love ourselves through everything we have experienced in our lives, good or bad and building or re-building self esteem, self confidence, and feeling worthiness. We are worth it to begin again.

I'm beginning again! I am listening to my dreams and listening to my internal language. I have had so many conversations where I easily shot down my dreams or heard someone else's voice louder than my own that swerved my thoughts. It took a long time for me to learn that my dreams are my own, I don't need to "check in" with anyone for validation or to hear what someone else thinks. I no longer need to hold space for someone else's opinion of me, that is for them to own, and I don't need to be concerned of what they think of me. I wholeheartedly have no desire to set myself up for another voice of negativity. My value is not based on other peoples opinions and assessments. My self worth is based on me. Yes, based on me and how I think about myself.

As I am older now and working on myself from the inside out - my answers have become drastically important, they should! this life we have is not forever. So to authentically reset- I must be radically honest, I must become more in tune with me and also be okay dumping the garbage that holds me down from accomplishing what I am dreaming of.

Today? after a couple of years in a therapy that comes from a holistic approach, I dream of trusting, I dream of faithful friendships, a sharing, loving, respectful family that doesn't require to be of blood relatives. I desire peacefulness and an environment that contributes to that peace. I also desire to be creative and enjoy food that feeds the people I love. I am leaning into my art a lot more and music, the things I didn't seem to have time for while raising my family, but I wish I would have taken that time. I just didn't know how.

Reflecting on how I was raised by my parents, with four older brothers and a younger sister, I don't need to hang on to all of the mistakes that were made and the lack of knowledge and tools. No one should be held accountable for the tools they did not possess. My growth and learning is about me...going forward...and changing the narrative of my life that suits me and how I desire to live. There is so much to learn and pay attention to on this life journey. I hope you can pause for a few moments, take a long breathe in, and then slowly release that breathe out, take time to clear and let your negative thoughts go with that breath.

As we go about our day, take your beauty out there and pay attention to the details we casually let slide past us. Feel what is going on in your life and live with that positive intention and the passion you possess for the things and people you love. Your authenticity will be a gift to everyone you come into contact with. You are the source of your truth. You are an amazing, valuable person.

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