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Watching your child have children- Happy Father's Day!

It's father's day and it is a day to take pause. For me, I always knew I wanted to have children and as many as possible. I could only imagine creating people of my own to love and cherish and create interesting beings to contribute to the world in the best way possible. My children are my life.

Now, as I am a grandma, it is a gift to me that I have a child that wants to create that love and enjoy the family life for himself. It makes me feel he loves himself and wants more.

A lot of us think we can swerve the mistakes our parents made, have those answers, and do better for our own families. But I have to say, watching my son, and how much he can love, checks off an enormous box for me. It makes me believe that he received all of my love, affection, and connection that gave him some confidence that he can carry that forward.

I've made plenty of mistakes, said a lot of wrong things but never have I not adored the moments that have been born of just loving and learning and doing better as time passes by.

This young man of mine has taught me more of being a greater person and a better mom myself, because he cares to continue to love me back, forgive, and help and nurture me to grow and be on a journey that I never dreamed I would be privileged to take on. It is this life of being a grandma, a mom and piece of importance in his life. It is the gift unbeknownst to me that has spilled onto everything else I experience. Watching his skills and the tools he uses to be a good father tells me everything matters and that yes, he has turned out to fulfill the dreams I had for him when I held him in my arms for the very first time.

Not everyday is perfect and easy to get through, but without the struggle, I know we cant appreciate those times of beauty. I thank him for being who he is and still striving to be and see how it all matters deeply to him. He is young and handles himself like an old soul.

He has children who love him, happy fathers day Christian, I can say, the best is always yet to come and thank you for being in all of our lives, we do everything better because of who you are.

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