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Phoenix Marathon

I have enjoyed running, or now I shall say jogging, throughout my entire life. I have stopped and started the jogging regimen over and over again. , Stopping is easy, being a mother of 4 active kids, jobs, moving, lazyness, there’s just so many reasons why we fall off of the fitness wagon that I have a great appreciation for those who just…keep…going.  I was lucky enough to have the Phoenix Marathon running a block away from where I live.  Again, I have been re-inspired to get my bunns back out on the road. I was reminded that it doesn’t matter how skinny, chubby, tall, short, good technique or bad, everybody can get out there and do whatever it is that God has provided them the skill to do and a will to do it. It’s emotional! I sat in a chair on the side of the race and clapped for about 2 hours as the runners were passing me by. I felt like I was missing out on something so great that everyone else is “in” on.  The next day, I got up early with my sweetheart and went to the neighborhood Hot Tub, (oh, you thought I was going to say, “got up for a run”) hehe,  and I met a couple from Minnesota.  The two were out here to run and workout, they had done countless tri-athalons and Iron-mans, marathons, half marathons, and you guessed it, I pitched my Kimbos to them. I always think my husband is sick of hearing me promote Kimbos, but he let me know, he is not.  Aaaaand, if you have read any of my other posts you know I take pride in having grown up in Minnesota and consider the Northerners to be some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. OF COURSE I’m going to get them in a pair of Kimbos!  Here is something interesting I learned from them that I had never known about competitive, long distance runners, lives. The Boston Marathon has about 30,000 runners in line to run, New York Marathon about 35,000 runners and the London Marathon has about 40,000.  When the runners get into their spot before the start of the race and it may take 15-20 minutes to reach the starting line after the gun goes off, they won’t move beforehand to lose their starting-spot. The runners don’t venture off for a potty break or their spot will disappear when they walk away. These people, of all shapes, sizes, skill and mentality…squat right where they are to relieve themselves!  I know! Let that sink in for a second. To pull down your running gear, expose yourself to EVERYONE and then “pee” or more than “pee”…and this is common!

Holy smokes!  Let me give you a way to stay covered, keep your dignity and just feel fine about having to relieve yourself in an awkward or challenging environment AND while other people are gathered around you and possibly touching you! Try Kimbos and love your Kimbos. Let me make quality of athletes lives be so much better. Let us evolve, we don’t have to maintain habits that are hundreds of years old, we can do better.

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