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Pinterest to the Dinner Rescue!

Back in "The Day", recipes were handed down from mom or grandma, ok not from my mother, but yes, from grams. Or, you'd go to some gathering and ask the hostess for her recipe and hope she would share her mass of knowledge and technique, (sorry, those didn't exist either). But also, this was the time of hamburger helper, macaroni & cheese, casseroles, and everything else like a roast or a porkchop getting fried on the stovetop. By the way, veggies came in a can and a bag of apples or oranges was the extent of a fresh food group.

Today, oh my gosh, today it is absolutely endless, intimidatingly endless as to what you can "plug in" for dinner ideas- with videos of how to create those pictures we see posted. Now, obviously, I'm old school, so it took me a little longer to come around to this Smithsonian of cooking opportunity. I am getting better at navigating the sites to dial in what I would like to do on my cooking night, but, with all of the foodie cooking shows, cooking apps and people posting their iron chef success on Facebook, it's a tricky feeling I have to want to keep up! I check out social media and see everyone's pictures with big smiles next to their successful dishes & amazing accomplishments with cooking, they are impressive! But I must confess... I kinda would like to see the complete failures, burned pans, overbaked souffle's and maybe a short story of someone getting sick at the table...just to even things out. I will also admit, my sense of humor has been unreplenished for a bit of time now and I crave the silliness of life, I always have!

I am proud of the adventurous chef's out there! Keep it up! My husband can attest to my continued admiration of him with his stuffed pork chops from our first date and every meal he has made each day thereafter, even though I no longer eat meat. Food knowledge is big! You can cure many things going on in your body if you eat well. I have increased my energy, my hormones are balanced, I sleep much better and I cope with life's unexpected twists and turns using much healthier perspectives.

With Covid, we are home cooking all of the time now. At our house, each person has their night to cook for the family. January of last year I turned 55 and awoke to the importance of plant-based eating. The chemicals in poor food consumption that we dump into our bodies have become very clear to me in answering questions as to why people get cancer, get sick, and keep so many health issues. I had to make changes for many reasons but I knew my whole family would benefit. We have our indulgences but are vigilant in our food choices to stay on track. I'll post a couple of our favorites.

I would love to see any of your posts on healthy eating, I seem to use the same veggies over and over again!!

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Laura Lempe
Laura Lempe
16 sept. 2021

Kim and her company Kimbos embraces a healthier lifestyle from the physical, mental and spiritual approach! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences! Keep 'em coming and would LOVE to see a few recipes and pictures of people embracing "Kimbos!"

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