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Top Of the Hill

I get a lot of comments and questions about the use of the “Kimbos”.  We are so set in our lack of freedom of when and where we get to pee that it doesn’t even enter the mind that there is a new freedom with Kimbos, to break that mind-set.

When I take a long road-trip, I have to plan how many miles I can make it, will it match up with when I need gas or food, are the people in my car able to do the same, are there rest stops, do I feel lucky? Well, not any longer.  I wear my Kimbos and I now have the freedom to stop anywhere I want, I feel confident because I’m not half-naked for all of the other road travelers to honk at or stare.

To prove my point and to exercise my freedom, I drank a lot of water this morning before my run with Tobey.  Tobey, if you do not know, is my 8 year old Fox Red Lab.  He loves to run so much that he would hobble out on broken legs to not miss a day up the hill.  When I take my day of rest, Tobey just gives me dirty looks, making me feel like I am in the doghouse!  Tobey and I head out and already, I have to take a bathroom break, but I will wait until I am at the top, of the top, of the hill.  Huffing and puffing, looking out at the Mesa Valley area, I can think of no more a beautiful spot to take a pee, right here, with this marvelous view.  When I step to the side of the rode, next to a bush, no snakes, no lizards, it is a pee of conveniance and I am so happy that I am wearing Kimbo’s.  As I am squatted, I am seeing two, die-hard cyclists, serpentine up the hill towards me and now Kimbo’s have become a garment of necessity.   Not because I have created these shorts but because they are awesome, I love how the zipper just pulls easily through and I am waving to bikers as I head back down the hill.  Oh, dang-it! now Tobey has to pee, probably out of jealousy…

Maybe I should have gotten a selfie up there.

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